Plastering Roller Refill Nylon

  • Made of strong and durable polyamide material - nylon with a fibre height of 17 mm.
  • Suitable for quick and homogeneous application of fillers, adhesives and other highly viscous materials on all types of substrates.
  • Examples of possible applications: application of fillers on various surfaces levelling and trowelling all types of plaster application of construction adhesives and masonry materials finishing of plasterboard and similar highly absorbent substrates
  • Advantages of the cover - polyamide / nylon 17 mm: very good holding of fillers with minimal dripping and splashing  homogeneous transfer of material to the surface long service life very easy to clean up to three times faster application of fillers due to high material pick-up performance up to 30 m2 per hour due to very easy and efficient use
  • 25 cm
  • Product detail

    Art. no.: 84202510

Category: Surface preparation