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Color Expert Concept Wall

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Surface protection

Materials for protecting the surface before painting and plastering


Surface preparation

Tools and materials for surface preparation before painting



Tools for removing and hanging wallpaper


Application of varnishes

Painting tools for applying different kinds of varnishes


Wood protection

Painting tools for applying liquid paints and varnishes: wood protection materials, impregnation, primers, etc.


Wall and facade painting

Tools for applying water-dispersible, latex and other water-based paints



Additional painting tools, DOIT promotional collection

Why to choose Color Expert

Retailer benefits

  • Balanced and optimal tool assortment

    A balanced and optimal tool  assortment is formed individually according to the needs of a particular client, based on the evaluation of the assortment and  the sales volume  in a particular store.

  • Install and sell

    Ready conceptual sales solution for the store, that is clear and logical from the point of view of the end user and motivating for making a complex purchase.

  • Increase of the average bill

    The installation of the concept booth stimulates increase of the average bill and sales per 1 SKU and 1 sq.m.

  • Clear division of the assortment structure

    The assortment structure, that is plain and logical from the buyer’s point of view, has a clear division according to the types of works and paintwork materials and provides convenience and correctness of choice.

  • High delivery quota

    The reliable manufacturer and supplier with a consistently high delivery quota.

  • Active marketing support

    The active marketing support for the Color Expert brand, clear navigation and smart packaging, cross-merchandising system. Regular product display monitoring in the sales locations.

  • Professional support

    Professional support (promoters, shop stuff trainings, master classes on the use of the tools).

Distributor benefits

  • Ready-made business model

    A ready-made business model for a distribution based on the potential of a particular region and on the customer structure with exact calculations of the potential investments and profits for a distributor.

  • Take and sell

    Ready conceptual sales solutions “take and sale” for different store sizes – variation of concept walls with 1 to 6 wall units. The distributor does not need to create planograms and POS solutions.

  • Long experiences in painting tools

    Knowledge of painting tools based on the long experience. Innovative developments of the products that differentiate the Color Expert brand from the competitors.

  • Clear and logical structure of the concept wall

    Clear and logical structure of the concept wall, divided by color, surface and quality.

  • Reliable manufacturer and supplier

    The reliable manufacturer and supplier with its own warehouses, large stocks of goods and its own logistics channels.

  • Different sales tools

    The availability of all sales tools (concept walls, marketing support, cross merchandising).

  • Professional maintenance

    Professional maintenance. Trainings for the distributor’s employee and clients, master classes on the use of tools.

Color Expert innovations


We are constantly developing our painter's work stuff. 
Decisive in this: to enable a work result as from the professional.



  • Surface preparation


    FlexMaster Filling Knife

    • Flexible rust-free steel blade for a perfect surface finish
    • Ergonomic multi-component handle for optimum grip and fatigue-free working
    • Thumb rest GripZone for precise work
    • Extendable for work at places that are difficult to reach

  • Surface preparation


    SandMaster Hand Sander

    • For easy fixation of the sanding paper
    • For an optimal sanding effect even on profiled surfaces
    • Ergonomic ball grip with wide contact surface for ideal power transmission
    • Stable hard component made of reinforced plastic for long durability

  • Wall and facade painting


    PowerMaster Roller Handle

    • Optimized roll pressure
    • Perfect guidance with minimum effort
    • Fast work
    • Very good painting result

  • Application of varnishes


    EvoStar Superfine Foam Refill

    • One roller for all lacquer systems
    • Patent-registered concave front surface
    • Higher ground coverage in comparison to traditionally rounded rollers
    • Specially treated pores for ideal paint transformation
    • Varnishing without stripes and bubbles due to little compacting pressure at edge area

  • Application of varnishes


    UniStar Flat Brush

    • New, 3 times graded synthetic bristle mix allows the manufacturing of solvent-based and water thinnable lacquers
    • Due to the moulded bristle level very suitable for trimming jobs
    • Chemically sharpened bristles for finest polishing and good varnishing results – even for inexperienced users
    • The brush can be cleaned easily due to absolutely smooth surface of the bristle
    • Ergonomic 3K handle

  • Wall and facade painting


    WallStar Paint Roller Refills

    • The paint roller refills allow to achieve high-quality application of paint on the surface
    • High absorption and paint recoil increases productivity
    • Due to specially processed and stabilized Polyamide continuous fibre the roller does not leave any teasels on the surface
    • Easy cleaning

Watch our product videos

Head over to our Youtube channel to see our latest products in action!

Application of nitro enamel lacquer

Product training event

Neo wall build timelapse

Color Expert at the Russian's Trade Show MosBuild 2019

The Storch-Ciret Group: Europe's Number One for Painting Tools

  • Color Expert is a very reliable partner, which you always can rely on. Color Expert is an innovative commodity producer with the very high standards of quality, that in its turn gives us, SIA Trading House "Kurši" an opportunity as a partner to be unique and strive for becoming better in terms of the assortment and employee knowledge. We highly appreciate its level of service, the speed of delivery and the personnel training.
    -Jānis Leitis, Director of the Department of Purchases and Categories-
  • The cooperation with Color Expert this is what we do expect from all our providers on the part of competent professionals, clear terms of cooperation and assortment that should be focused on the client’s demands.
    -Martin Nikky, Managing Director-
  • The company “New Business’’ offers its clients the latest and the highest quality materials, among which the production by Color Expert also exists. It is very comfortable for us to know the fact that the assortment of the brand can offer various sorts of equipment for all groups of clients, regardless of their skills. More than that, the color-coding of the production lets our clients understand their choice more easily.
    -Novitskaya Margarita, Marketing Specialist-
  • For 5 years of the successful and fruitful cooperation, the CIRET Company has shown itself as a reliable partner. Long experience in designing and manufacturing of painting tool systems is the core of the ideological company policy. In the line of products that the company produces in its own powerful factories, the main distinctive advantage is the absolute German quality.
    -Alexey Rudnitsky and Pavel Rusenko, Heads of Sales Department-
  • Color Expert is the team of professionals, who really love what they do. The company invests all its resources into development of the painting and plastering tools. The painting and plastering tools is Color Expert!
    -Mane Danelyan, Head of Purchasing Department-
  • Color Expert is one of the top companies in the sphere of the painting and plastering tools. The assortment of Color Expert is extensive and it takes into consideration all the customer needs, from the price bracket to product variety. Long experience helps the company to develop the line of the painting and plastering tools in our country either.
    -Rafaela Gukasova, Category Manager-
  • Color Expert products meet the highest requirements of professionals.
    We don't trust words, we check every new product!
    Before it hits the shelves, it undergoes a series of tests.
    PROFCOM values its reputation that is why we recommend Color Expert products to our closest people
    with firm confidence in quality!
    -Karpenko Elena Category Marketing Manager-