Color Expert Concept Wall

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Surface protection

Materials for protecting the surface before painting and plastering


Surface preparation

Tools and materials for surface preparation before painting



Tools for removing and hanging wallpaper


Application of varnishes

Painting tools for applying different kinds of varnishes


Wood protection

Painting tools for applying liquid paints and varnishes: wood protection materials, impregnation, primers, etc.


Wall and facade painting

Tools for applying water-dispersible, latex and other water-based paints



Additional painting tools, DOIT promotional collection

Why to choose Color Expert

Retailer benefits

Balanced and optimal tool assortment
Install and sell
Increase of the average bill
Clear division of the assortment structure
High delivery quota
Active marketing support
Professional support

Distributor benefits

Ready-made business model
Take and sell
Long experiences in painting tools
Clear and logical structure of the concept wall
Reliable manufacturer and supplier
Different sales tools
Professional maintenance

Color Expert innovations


We are constantly developing our painter's work stuff. 
Decisive in this: to enable a work result as from the professional.



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Application of nitro enamel lacquer

Product training event

Neo wall build timelapse

Color Expert at the Russian's Trade Show MosBuild 2019

The Storch-Ciret Group: Europe's Number One for Painting Tools