• CoatStar series tool

    CoatStar series tool




    Have you bought a varnish and are now in doubt about a suitable roller?

    We recommend choosing a CoatStar series tool, suitable for all types of varnishes on smooth or rough surfaces. A special polyester nap promotes even, smooth varnishing.

  • Color Expert recommends

    Color Expert recommends




    Color Expert recommends choosing a CoatStar roller for applying lacques

    This roller pairs perfectly with all lacquers.

  • CoatStar Painting Set Filt

    Color Expert CoatStar kit




    If you have some small varnishing to do, we recommend using the Color Expert CoatStar kit.

    The set includes a paint tray and a 10 cm roller

Choose the right one!

CoatStar Beige Paint Roller Filt

Very fine surface finish with all lacquers

CoatStar Beige Paint Roller Refill Filt

Very fine surface finish with all lacquers

CoatStar Painting Set Filt

Suitable for lacquering works on small surfaces

Application of varnishes

All painting tools for applying different kinds of varnishes


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